Link resolver objects.


Embed hyperlinks to documentation into example code.


class sphinx_gallery.docs_resolv.SphinxDocLinkResolver(config, doc_url, gallery_dir, relative=False)[source]#

Resolve documentation links using searchindex.js generated by Sphinx.

  • doc_url (str) – The base URL of the project website.

  • relative (bool) – Return relative links (only useful for links to documentation of this package).

resolve(cobj, this_url, return_type=False)[source]#

Resolve the link to the documentation, returns None if not found.

  • cobj (OrderedDict[str, Any]) –

    OrderedDict with information about the “code object” for which we are resolving a link.

    • cobj[‘name’] : function or class name (str)

    • cobj[‘module’] : module name (str)

    • cobj[‘module_short’] : shortened module name (str)

    • cobj[‘is_class’] : whether object is class (bool)

    • cobj[‘is_explicit’] : whether object is an explicit backreference (referred to by sphinx markup) (bool)

  • this_url (str) – URL of the current page. Needed to construct relative URLs (only used if relative=True in constructor).

  • return_type (bool) – If True, return the type as well.


  • link (str or None) – The link (URL) to the documentation.

  • type_ (str) – The type. Only returned if return_type is True.