Frequently Asked Questions#

Why is __file__ not defined? What can I use?#

The global __file__ variable defined by Python when running scripts is not defined on Jupyter notebooks. Since Sphinx-Gallery supports notebook styled examples and also exports to Jupyter notebooks we agreed on keeping this variable out of scope when executing the example scripts.

Instead of __file__ use os.getcwd() to get the directory where the file is located. Sphinx-Gallery executes the examples scripts in their source directory.

Why am I getting text output for Matplotlib functions?#

The output capturing behavior of Sphinx-Gallery changed with Sphinx-Gallery v0.5.0. Previous to v0.5.0, only data directed to standard output (e.g., only Matplotlib figures) was captured. In, v0.5.0, the configuration 'capture_repr' (Controlling what output is captured) was added. This configuration allows a ‘representation’ of the last statement of each code block, if it is an expression, to be captured. The default setting of this new configuration, 'capture_repr': ('_repr_html_', '__repr__'), first attempts to capture the '_repr_html_' and if this does not exist, the '__repr__'. This means that if the last statement was a Matplotlib function, which usually returns a value, the representation of that value will be captured as well.

To prevent Matplotlib function calls from outputting text as well as the figure, you can assign the last plotting function to a temporary variable (e.g. _ = matplotlib.pyploy.plot()) or add to the end of your code block (see Controlling what output is captured). Alternatively, you can set capture_repr to be an empty tuple ('capture_repr': ()), which will imitate the behavior of Sphinx-Gallery prior to v0.5.0. This will also prevent you from getting any other unwanted output that did not occur prior to v0.5.0.

Why has my thumbnail appearance changed?#

The DOM structure of thumbnails was refactored in order to make them responsive and aligned on a css grid. These changes might make your existing custom css obsolete. You can read our custom css migration guide for thumbnails for pointers on how to update your css.

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