Source code for sphinx_gallery.downloads

r"""Utilities for downloadable items."""

# Author: Óscar Nájera
# License: 3-clause BSD

import os

from .utils import zip_files

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    .. container:: sphx-glr-download sphx-glr-download-python

      :download:`Download all examples {0} source code: {1} </{2}>`

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      :download:`Download all examples in Jupyter notebooks: {0} </{1}>`

[docs] def python_zip(file_list, gallery_path, extension=".py"): """Store all files in file_list into an zip file. Parameters ---------- file_list : list Holds all the file names to be included in zip file gallery_path : str path to where the zipfile is stored extension : str | None In order to deal with downloads of plain source files and jupyter notebooks, if this value is not None, the file extension from files in file_list will be removed and replace with the value of this variable while generating the zip file Returns ------- zipname : str zip file name, written as ``, ``, or `` depending on the extension """ zipname = os.path.basename(os.path.normpath(gallery_path)) if extension == ".py": zipname += "_python" elif extension == ".ipynb": zipname += "_jupyter" zipname = os.path.join(gallery_path, zipname + ".zip") return zip_files(file_list, zipname, gallery_path, extension)
[docs] def list_downloadable_sources(target_dir, extensions=(".py",)): """Return a list of source files in target_dir. Parameters ---------- target_dir : str path to the directory where source file are extensions : tuple[str] tuple of file extensions to include Returns ------- list list of paths to all source files in `target_dir` ending with one of the specified extensions """ return [ os.path.join(target_dir, fname) for fname in os.listdir(target_dir) if fname.endswith(extensions) ]
[docs] def generate_zipfiles(gallery_dir, src_dir, gallery_conf): """Collects downloadable sources and makes zipfiles of them. Collects all source files and Jupyter notebooks in gallery_dir. Parameters ---------- gallery_dir : str path of the gallery to collect downloadable sources src_dir : str The build source directory. Needed to make the reST paths relative. gallery_conf : dict[str, Any] Sphinx-Gallery configuration dictionary Return ------ download_rst: str RestructuredText to include download buttons to the generated files """ src_ext = tuple(gallery_conf["example_extensions"]) notebook_ext = tuple(gallery_conf["notebook_extensions"]) source_files = list_downloadable_sources(gallery_dir, src_ext) notebook_files = list_downloadable_sources(gallery_dir, notebook_ext) for directory in sorted(os.listdir(gallery_dir)): if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(gallery_dir, directory)): target_dir = os.path.join(gallery_dir, directory) source_files.extend(list_downloadable_sources(target_dir, src_ext)) notebook_files.extend(list_downloadable_sources(target_dir, notebook_ext)) def rst_path(filepath): filepath = os.path.relpath(filepath, os.path.normpath(src_dir)) return filepath.replace(os.sep, "/") all_python = all(f.endswith(".py") for f in source_files) py_zipfile = python_zip(source_files, gallery_dir, ".py" if all_python else None) dw_rst = CODE_ZIP_DOWNLOAD.format( "in Python" if all_python else "as", os.path.basename(py_zipfile), rst_path(py_zipfile), ) if notebook_files: jy_zipfile = python_zip(notebook_files, gallery_dir, ".ipynb") dw_rst += NOTEBOOK_ZIP_DOWNLOAD.format( os.path.basename(jy_zipfile), rst_path(jy_zipfile), ) return dw_rst